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Admission Procedure  

Admission Procedure

The DBN Sr. Sec. School, Ajmer offer a high quality educational experience and nurturing environment that fosters sharp learning skills. We are proud of the caliber of our staff and the work that they do; we are even prouder of the students with whom we work day by day.

At DBN Sr. Sec. School, Ajmer, we have strived to make our admission process as simple as possible to ensure that all prospective parents enjoy a stress free application experience.

Step 1: Admission Enquiry:

Submit the online Enquiry Form from this link or visit the school admissions office. Our counsellor will get back to you to answer your questions and collect the required information.

Step 2: Registration

The parents are requested to visit the school Admission Office, fill out the registration form and purchase the school prospectus. Kindly carry one latest Passport size photo of the child and the parent along with self-attested Date of Birth certificate. Alternatively Parents may also fill up the application form online by clicking here. Once the form is filled, please take a printout of the same,submit the hard copy of the completed form to the school.

Parent can fill the registration form online with the following link and can submit the registration fee online.

Step 3: School Visit & Interaction with the Principal

Parents / Guardians are invited to visit the school campus to understand the culture and ethos of the Institution. A meeting can be scheduled with the Principal, so parents can have an interaction with the Head of the school, ask questions and collect any information they require. This can be done by fixing a prior appointment through mail at dbnschool.ajmer@gmail.com or telephone 0145-2693800.


Step 4: Form submission

The parent needs to fill up the admission form and ensure that all the documents are in order. Kindly intimate the school in case your child requires some special assistance due to any of the health reasons.

Eligibility Criteria:


Entry Age


More than 3 Years  but less than 4 Years


More than 3 Years 6 Months but less than 5 Years


More than 4 Years 6 Months but less than 6 Years

Class 1

More than 6 Years but less than 7 Years

The following documents need to be submitted along with the Registration Form

  • Copy of the Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Report Card of previous year (only needed for admission to class 1 onwards)

List of documents required at the time of admission:

  • Evidence of having graduated from the previous class.
  • 4 photographs of the student
  • 2 photographs of each parent
  • Original TC from the previous school (for students seeking admission from class 2 onwards)
  • Proof of residence
  • Original Certificates may be produced at the time of admission for verification
  • Photocopies of all achievement certificates in the field of Academics, Sports, Extra Curricular activities.

Acceptance of Admission:

  1. Students are admitted on First Come, First Served basis depending on vacancies
  2. Selected candidates will be required to make the fee payment within 3 days of the declaration of the result.
  3. The school reserves the right to admissions. In all matters pertaining to admission, the decision of the Principal will be final.


Once the Fee and documents are submitted, you will receive an Admission number/SR No. This will inform you about further formalities, to be completed, if any.

Your ward will be allotted the section on the day of admission. The time table for your ward will be handed over to your ward by the Class Teacher.

Kindly inform the School of your joining date. This is mandatory because Staff need to be informed to expect your child on a particular day and they in turn need to make preparations accordingly.

Teachers will assist your child with the syllabi which has been covered in the class till date.

Step 5: Payment of Fees

Once the above steps are satisfactorily completed, parents will receive an admission offer and may pay the applicable fees to confirm admission.


The admission for class XI students will be taking place in the month of May as well as July . The admissions taken in the month of May will be considered as “Provisional Admission” till the student’s board result for class X is declared.

You will need to carry the Report card of your ward, of Class 10th. The same will be put across to the Principal of the School, post which a written assessment will be conducted for students.

Should you wish to proceed with the Admission post your school tour and after getting confirmation from the School office, you will need to fill the Registration Form and submit. With the form you need to submit the following documents-

- Original plus one photocopy of the students Birth Certificate. (The original will be returned immediately after verification).
- Photocopy of Report Cards of Classes- 8th, 9th & 10th.

The school follows the DAV curriculum. Below are the class wise subjects that are offered at the school.

 Class XI Subjects



Name of Subject


Compulsory Subject 1

Subject 1 (Language)

English Core(301)

Compulsory Subject 2 Subject 2 (Language) Hindi Core(302)

Optional Subject 3

Optional Subject 4

Optional Subject 5

Subject 3,
Subject 4 &
Subject 5





Political Science(028)




Business  Studies(054)




Home Science

Optional Subject 6

Subject 6

Informatics Practices(065)

Physical Education(048)


Optional Subject 7

Subject 7

Hindi Music Vocal(034)


Subjects of internal

Subject 7 to 9
(Subjects of internal
assessment to be
taken by all Regular

500 - Work Experience
502 - Health and Physical Education
503- General Studies


























Parent Orientation Program

There will be an orientation program for all new parents before the beginning of the session. This program will acquaint the parents with the Vision, Mission & work ethics of the school / society / group.



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